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How does the whole system works?

Here is a brief description for a garage door system.

First of all, there are some kinds of garage doors. Roll ups, 1 piece doors and more. These are the 2 main kind of doors.

Roll up doors:

There are 3 basic kinds of roll-up doors:

1.Pan door (non-insulated)

2.Super polyback door (insulated)

3.Steelback door (best insulation)

Of course there are also custom doors (for example: wooden doors, aluminium frame with semi transparent windows and more.)

Every door has cables attached to the bottom of each side of the door.Door cable spot - Costa Mesa Garage Door Repair

Those cables connected to the pulleys, and the pulleys are locked on the bar.Pulley spot on the bar - Costa Mesa Garage Door Repair

On the bar itself, you will see the torsion springs as well.

Torsion spring spot on the bar - Costa Mesa Garage Door Repair

These springs, are actually the reason that your door can be opened easily. Every each door has a different size of springs, it depends on the door weight.

The springs are locked on the bar as well, after giving them tension. Basically, the springs will always want to go back to their original shape. As a result, the springs are spinning the whole bar, the pulleys that locked on the bar spins as well, and lifting up the door due to the cables that attached to each side of the bottom of the door.

Usually people think that the opener is what lifting the door up. Well, it’s half true, because the opener is lifting the door up but without the springs, the opener will never be able to open these heavy doors.  The role of the opener is to pull the door gently up, and let the springs do the hard work. Read more about garage door openers here.

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