Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa, CA There are so many ways to improve the quality of life on and for our planet. Did you know you can do your part at reducing our carbon footprint with your garage door? Read on to learn how!

When shopping for a new garage door, consider these 3 elements that make up their environmental friendliness:

  1. Manufacturing materials
  2. Manufacturing process’ viability
  3. And energy efficiency and insulation.

Manufacturing Materials

Eco-friendly garage doors are made from recyclable materials. For example, a garage door made of recycled aluminum or partially recycled steel. Try and find a garage door made of sturdy metal that will last a long while. This way, you will have to repair your garage door less often, which lessens the amount of resources you use. This also minimizes your need for replacement. In other words, less doors are made and fewer amounts of material are used as a result.

Manufacturing Process

During the manufacturing process, cardboard, scrap metal, and leftover polystyrene is recycled. This process is very energy efficient. Careful measures are exuded to avoid misuse of energy and unnecessary wastage.

Energy Efficiency

High and low temperatures in the summer and winter means extensive heating and cooling bills. For this reason, energy efficiency is an important factor in budget conscious buyers.

Polyurethane injected garage doors provide R-Value of 12-18, which maintains the eco-friendly nature of the garage door.

This is better than other garage doors which use polystyrene foam core, therefore something to consider when shopping around. Here are some additional features to look for that improve the energy efficiency of our garage door products:

  • Sealed thermo pane windows
  • Triple contact interlocking
  • Double lip weather stripping.
  • Flexible, U-shaped bottom weather stripping.

If you would like more information on how to make your garage door eco-friendly, CONTACT US at Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa, CA! We can provide with you with all the options we have to offer!